Sunday, 5 October 2008

Wednesday 17 January 2006

Hmmm. Not doing very well with keeping my blog up to date, am I? I can only blame my partner. She was unable to get enough cast members for her play, owing to people being away or having sick relatives or both. So what has she done? Has she, in her wisdom, told the Society Committee to stuff it or get someone else? Oh no. She is writing a play. Yes - WRITING one. It will be performed in March, all being well. She has to have a draft of the first act ready by Friday to present to the Committee and they will then give the go-ahead for the rest. I shake my furry head in despair. Why does she do these things? She should be spending more time stroking me and tending to my various needs - NOT squandering her time with fripperies. She's got about 45 minutes-worth of material so far (she started on Monday), so she's pretty confident. Her piece is called (provisionally) "Affectionately yours, Jane Austen". It's about Jane Austen. I am hoping that I may be cast as Jane. I think I'd do quite a good job.

Speaking of my acting career, I may be offered another opportunity in the not-too-distant future to give my "Bullseye" before an audience. A local preparatory school is staging Oliver! and my partner met the director today to discuss his canine needs. Hurrah! It's between me and a papier-maché 'dog' attached to a remote-controlled car. There will be trouble if I don't get it (and I come complete with my own bandana). A DVD of my work is on its way to him tomorrow, to aid with the casting process. And should his remote-controlled car suffer a mysterious accident during the night, I will NOT be to blame...

Good night.
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