Saturday, 25 October 2008

Wednesday 21 November 2007

Happy days. Well, mostly, anyway.

First of all, those lumps that appeared on my flank turned out to be (according to my surgeon) harmless fatty polyps. One of them has already dispersed. My partner is, needless to say, mightily relieved. I confess that I have not been completely well of late - I have had a sore throat and have been feeling very tired just recently, but I am feeling better now and continue to improve daily.

My partner is now in her third week of her new job and I am happy to report that she is enjoying it greatly. Her colleagues are very nice, her work is interesting and (importantly) the high-ups in the organisation treat her with respect and appreciation (unlike her previous employers). She is, in consequence, much happier.

Tonight, she is having a rare night off - she has been heavily engaged with directing her play, which opens this week. Rehearsals are now over, I am happy to say that the tickets are all but sold out, and tomorrow is the first night. But the poor girl is excessively tired. She has had much to organise and has been running about like a mad creature for what seems a lifetime. But, by this time next week, it will all be a memory. She has gone to have a bath, by way of a prelude to a much-needed early night. While she is engaged on that, I have been lifted into the computer chair so that I can bash out a long-overdue entry to this blog before we retire to our chamber for the evening.

While she is out of the room, I must bark this: I strongly suspect that she has begun seeing someone behind my back. She often returns from work happy, with a soft smile on her face and a male-type aroma about her clothing. This has been going on for approximately the past three weeks. She has said nothing, but I harbour suspicions nonetheless. Deep and all-too-reasonable ones. You may be assured that I am monitoring this situation closely - watching silently in the shadows for the first concrete proof of infidelity. Oh yes. There will be a reckoning.

Good night.
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