Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sunday 25 November 2007

My suspicious jealousy continues, and threatens to overwhelm me.

I have been observing my partner VERY closely as she comes and goes from the house, and there is a definite non-Jasper male aroma about her person. When she was not around, I went over one of her work jackets and - aha! - located proof! A hair upon her jacket sleeve that was neither hers, nor mine, and clearly belonged to a fit young male. I surreptitiously nipped the hair from the jacket with my incisors and have stored it safely away, that I may bring it out as proof when this crisis comes to the point. I pity the young man. I may finish him quickly, I may leave him to suffer, depending on how piteously he cries, but he will pay for his crimes, let there be no doubt about that.

The final night of my partner's play was last night and I am happy to report that its success exceeded even her expectations. Every night was full, to the extent that extra seats had to be added, my partner's cast were outstanding in their roles and the audiences were most appreciative. Everyone was delighted. My partner says she has not known one of this society's plays be that popular for at least the past five years! All most encouraging. The newspaper reviews will be out later this week and I trust they will be suitably glowing. Needless to say, he (BC) did not go and see the play. My partner was upset about this which, I have to say, confuses me a little when added to the situation with the owner of the aforementioned errant hair, but she is too pleased with the play's reception to be upset for long and she is looking forward to having a bit of a rest now. With trusty Jasper by her side, of course.

The Council have put a speed-sensor sign at the end of my road. It is one of those that flashes up with the speed limit in bright lights if it detects a car exceeding it. It is most thoughtful of the council to attempt to cope with the volume of traffic associated with the tourists constantly driving past in their attempts to view my house and estate - some of them craning their necks most uncomfortably to try and catch a glimpse of me. But I am so annoyed about this new, disrespectful, young buck trying to encourage my sweet innocent partner into infidelity that I am in no mood to receive my public at present. So they drive slowly by unacknowledged.

Good night.
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