Sunday, 5 October 2008

Friday 19 January 2006

I notice that my blog counter has re-set itself, which is most annoying. I was always so pleased to see how many good people had been to visit me (nearly 1600 thus far, I think). Grrrowl. Now it says 96 since the blog was created - people will think I haven't got any friends.

Barking of friends, my dear cousin Jack (companion of my partner's aunt), a black hairy hound of indeterminate origin, ascended the furry stairway to heaven yesterday. He had a good run - at least 14 years in my estimation, probably more, and a happy sausage-filled life. See you again one day old chum - wait for me by the gate.

And so I turn once more to that perennial topic: BC. He HAS telephoned my partner - twice in the last couple of days. It may be recalled that he spoke to her a couple of weeks ago and mentioned his forthcoming birthday to her. What do you suppose he was ringing her for? To effect a reunion? To invite her to a delightful party? Come off it - have you not read this blog before? He was telephoning to find out if my partner could obtain something for him. And that's all. "I know it's a bit cheeky of me..." he said, several times. Too damn right. To say she is a little hurt and irritated is a gross understatement. She'd bought him a decent present as well. Dolores ( lovely Dolores) asked my partner with a bitter laugh if she'd kept the receipt. But BC will have his present. My partner STILL remains in the same sorry state as before (pathetic, I know) and his gift will be delivered. Perhaps it may induce a twinge of guilt.

Despite these trials, my partner has finished Act One of her play. I have been making myself useful as a sounding board and we timed the piece as she read it to me the other night. It runs to around 40 minutes now (some carefully thought-out editing has taken place), which is just fine. It goes to the committee tonight and, as long as they give her the go-ahead, rehearsals and composition of Act Two will begin next week. I have been most generous with my time and have merely insisted on a full programme credit as my reward. And possibly a grilled chop.

I am very happy that the high winds we have been experiencing have passed over. I was most unsettled, particularly when my house lost electrical power for several hours yesterday. Apparently thirteen people lost their lives. Dreadful - made more bitter by the fact that the sun is now shining beautifully. Fate is a cruel mistress. I have lost a tree on my estate and sustained severe damage to my fence, which will cost nearly £400 to put right. I wonder how much I will get for BC's nads from Ebay...?

Good day.
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