Saturday, 25 October 2008

Tuesday 11 September 2007

I have started writing today's entry at 1.46pm in England, which is 8.46am in the Eastern USA. That is the time when the modern world (and by that, I mean those who hadn't the misfortune to have lived through the Second World War) learned how truly evil evil can be.

I have a modicum of pity for those deluded idiots who hijacked the planes - it must have come as quite a shock to find themselves not, as anticipated, in paradise surrounded by sumptuous feasts and hosts of unusually compliant virgins, but in an especially revolting cavern of hell, while the poor innocents whose lives they took were welcomed into heaven to rest in peace for eternity. I cannot understand humans. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, whatever - these are all religions preaching peace and tolerance. For goodness' sake. I blame the Crusades, personally. That's when it all kicked off.

Honestly. I have never seen a load of zebras kicking hell out of another zebra because his stripes "aren't black enough". I have never seen a bunch of lions hijack a land-rover and drive it into a termite mound because "they have a different work ethic". I have never seen a group of bears firing a nuclear device into a rabbit warren because "they eat carrots and we don't". Why is it just one species that cannot behave itself?

Anyway, I have nothing to add to the words I put on my blog on September 11 2006. Just remember the suffering living, and honour the innocent dead.

Sirius. PAPD Sniffer-Dog killed on duty when the North Tower of the WTC collapsed on Tuesday, 11/9/2001.

Sirius's body is recovered on January 22, 2002. His partner, PAPD Officer David Lim, helped to carry him home.

I honour all, whether human or canine, who risk their lives to save others'. God bless you.
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