Sunday, 19 October 2008

31 July 2007

A restful, though mostly satisfying day.

I said goodbye to Maisie this morning, as she is going to Jersey for a week. By way of a parting gift, she gave me a grilled sausage. I shall miss her, and the supplements to my diet that she provides. She has promised to bring back a bumper stock from the Jersey pet shop though, so that should see me through to the end of August!

I am bravely soldiering on with the supermarket-brand biscuits. I wonder if other martyrs throughout history had to suffer as I do? I daresay it is all good experience; perhaps when my tomes are published, my public will respect me all the more for having suffered. That said, my partner DID visit the pet shop this morning and bought me a delicious tripe stick "for being a good boy". I like the tripe sticks; they are green, crunchy and about 12 inches long. Although I'm not sure how much tripe there can be in the stick for a mere 35p.

One of my friends in the good ol' USofA (that's one of our former colonies, if you've never heard of it), Stoker, has been a little poorly of late. I promised that I would save him a copy of this month's Playdog gentlemens' magazine, to cheer his recuperative hours (he cannot have it at present, as his heart may struggle to cope with such delights). Unfortunately, I dribbled on the pages as I was browsing through it. Sorry Stokes! I have, however, succeeded in laying my paws on the version of the magazine intended for a female readership - Playbitch. Take a look at this photograph of an anonymous pup submitted to the "Reader's Partners" section:


Good night.
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