Sunday, 19 October 2008

Monday 20 August 2007

I am very cross indeed.

My computer is STILL not functioning. Well, to be more precise, my new computer IS working, but I cannot connect to the internet and thus, my blog, because we do not have a functioning modem. My partner has been labouring all week to rectify the problem. AOL were telling my partner to contact BT; BT were telling my partner to contact AOL, and much growling in this household has ensued. When success was achieved with the computer, the telephone line was cut off, and vice versa. Obviously, the telephone is more important to my partner, consequently no internet. Grrrowwwl. My partner has been sitting on the floor of my study, surrounded by wires of differing colours. I sat in close proximity, advising and supervising closely, but I don't think my assistance was appreciated. Finally, I was invited to sit elsewhere. The tone of my partner's voice suggested that protests would have been, at the least, unwise. I sat elsewhere.

I think, FINALLY, we may have cracked the problem and should be reconnected in a mere matter of days. But please be in no doubt that, in the meantime, I am very, VERY cross indeed.

Good afternoon.
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