Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday 3 May 2015

A very long time has passed since there was a rational bark on this blog.  I blame a combination of factors: my partner's second job and long working hours; her sometime ill health (now approaching the road to recovery, thankfully) and Gisèle's general preoccupation with things a young lady ought not to be considering...

I am happy to report that her behaviour has shown a vast improvement of late.  Not that she was ever a particularly naughty girl, but she is now completely, 100%, trustworthy with all farm animals and horses.  Sheep (and anything else besides) may safely graze in the presence of little Gisèle, she pays them no heed.  I cannot rightly say when this transformation took place and it was certainly a realisation she ceme to by herself, as my partner had long been exasperated by the terrier's inappropriate belligerence.  It has made a great deal of difference - unless roads are involved no lead is necessary for sweet Giz. 

Alas, her indefatigable campaign against squirrels continues unabated.  She caught and killed her first one last week.  The kill was incredibly swift and totally bloodless.  Gisèle was immensely proud of herself - right up to the point where she put down the ex-squirrel and tried to wake it up so that it could play with her.  Once the truth had been explained, poor Giz became quite mortified and was very subdued for the rest of the evening.  She hasn't learned from the experience, however, and is still to be often found pursuing squirrels or shouting up at them from the ground... I have washed my paws of this madness.

A very happy event in our nation's history today: the safe arrival of a baby princess for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a sister for HRH Prince George.  She hasn't been named officially yet.  I overheard Giz in the garden this morning, confidently assuring Rosie that the new baby will be called Princess Gisèle.  Personally I have my doubts over this but, wishing to avoid a tiresome and ultimately futile dispute, I chose not to comment.  Rosie seemed persuaded by Gisèle and barked only that she thought that the royal infant should be called Princess Gisèle Rosemary.  Both girls agreed on this, before launching themselves into a mad play-fight which brought neither of them any dignity.

I am in hopes that a further entry may soon be forthcoming.

Good night.