Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tuesday 10 July 2007

Well, I cannot say that I am COMPLETELY miserable.

My third stint portraying possibly the most famous Victorian dog in literature has come to a close and, to be honest, I am currently not madly keen on partaking in a fourth. My partner received a bottle of wine for our trouble, and I received much praise from all (except the director), but I feel the hassle outweighed these scant rewards.

What I WILL miss though, is the company of my fellow cast-members. The boys were all lovely and some were very distressed to part from me. Tien, the young lad playing Oliver Twist came back at least three times to cuddle me and say goodbye. I had a sad parting from Nick, who was my partner in crime, Bill Sikes, and was plied with many crisps by others at the after-show party. Alas for me though, when one young lad came to bid me farewell, he flung his arms about my neck to give me a generous hug, forgetting that his can of Coca-Cola was over two-thirds full. But not for long. I was liberally christened with the carbonated vegetable extract drink, which is surprisingly sticky when combined with fur. By the time my partner and I returned home, my once-white fur from head to shoulder had dried into a pale brown tacky mess. And so it remained until Maisie took me swimming the following day.

It is nice to be back to my normal life now. I accompanied my partner to work every day last week for rehearsal purposes. But I refused to do any photocopying for her.

To celebrate my return to normality, Maisie made me a casserole yesterday and I was allowed to have it for my tea tonight. As my partner put it in my bowl I noticed that the liberal amount of meaty gravy could not conceal the high vegetable content. Delicious though it was, the few pieces of succulent lamb were vastly outnumbered by broccoli, broad beans, peas, French beans, runner beans and potato. My partner says she is keeping the bedroom windows widely opened tonight, despite the heavy rain that is forecast. I cannot imagine why.

Good night.
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