Monday, 27 October 2008

Tuesday 24 June 2008


To the town of St. David's today, where there is a most impressive cathedral and ruined Bishop's Palace. My partner and I waited outside while all went into the cathedral and enjoyed the peace of our surroundings. I was very excited, as the Bishop's Palace looked a lot like an old castle and I have always wanted to explore an old castle. Alas, the perennial problem again beset my plans - dogs were not allowed into the Palace. I muttered silent curses, wholly inappropriate to my surroundings. My partner was rather compromised as well, because entry to the Palace site was about £5.00 and spare cash is rather tight with us at present...

Thus it was that my partner and I enjoyed some quiet reflection, sitting on a medieval wall, next to a sparkling medieval ford, in between the cathedral and the medieval palace (having circumnavigated the all-too-modern gift shop) while Ewan (delightful nephew, as opposed to dimwit hound) and the rest of the family explored the Palace.

Ewan and his parents explore the Bishop's Palace...

... while I sit upon my wall with my partner and her father:

As we waited and enjoyed the sunshine, I gradually became aware that a man was carefully walking up to us, snapping away with a professional-looking camera. My partner gave him a rather quizzical look, and he explained that he was "really impressed with the handsome dog you have there." He was an American gentleman, on holiday, and asked my partner's permission to photograph me properly. With the appropriate permissions in place, I am always happy to pose for photographs and obligingly arranged myself into a variety of delightful situations while the chap snapped away. How unexpectedly flattering. After this we enjoyed a fine picnic upon the grass.

We returned to our cottage after a little potter around St. David's, followed by a rather disappointing drive (my partner's boss had recommended a visit to Whitesands Bay. We found it, and it was well worth the recommendation, save for the large "No dogs permitted between May to September" notice. Grrrowl). Suitably rested and refreshed, my partner and I enjoyed yet another delightful cliff-top walk in the evening.
Surely Heaven itself could provide no finer sight?

And the following day, I would finally - FINALLY!! - achieve one of my long-cherished holiday aims, and get one paw closer to achieving a second! Happy days...

Good night.
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