Sunday, 5 October 2008

Friday 16 February 2007

It is finished.

Someone else very famous once said that about something extremely important, but in this instance I am referring to my partner's script. It has been through several extensive re-writes and is now complete. There might be a few bits to 'tweak' but it's essentially all there. She is pleased with it. It runs to around 2 hours, including an interval, so we should be able to get to the pub before closing time after the performances, which is all I hope for these days.

There was a big committee meeting last evening, at which advertising and costuming and the like was discussed, so it's all going forward quite quickly now. My partner, after an extensive internet search, has tracked down some lovely costumes at a sensible cost - these are, however, in Chelmsford so I will shortly be accompanying her into Essex. We have never been to Essex before. I hope it isn't TOO frightening and full of strange tribespeople. It's two hours each way in my little green Corsa, and I like being driven about so we will make a nice day out of it. A striking poster has been designed by my partner, which will shortly be appearing all over the place. It's FAR too late to call it off now, so we must learn to anticipate the backlash. I, myself, am confident of joyous success but my partner isn't so sure. She has been off work yesterday and today with a most terrible migraine, which I suspect is down to the stress of getting the script finished and the responsibility of writing, directing, producing AND acting, as well as tending to my many and varied needs. She has been having a bizarre series of nightmares; each one ending with her being stoned to death by hundreds of irate members of the Jane Austen Society...

Of course, an aside of all this is that she is being thrown back into contact with a certain someone. But we aren't mentioning him again in this blog, are we? No.

Good afternoon.
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