Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday 29 July 2007

To Harewood Forest for my exercise today. Delightfully muddy and squirrel-ridden. The wound on my head is not causing me problems, and my partner says it has already begun to heal. I washed it myself in the river this afternoon, just to be sure.

This was a complete waste of time, because I was promptly bathed on my return with my skin-medicine-shampoo. I was very cross - I had worked had on my outing to scent my skin and fur with the sweet perfumes of mud, rotting leaf and animal matter and other delights. I needn't have bothered, because I now smell "like a little angel", according to my partner. In other words, like a pampered fool. I shall find an extra-pungent puddle tomorrow and reassert my preferred cologne. Lovely.

My partner and I have been most touched by the lovely messages of support from friends following yesterday's blog posting. We feel very humbled by the kindness of the folk who sent cheering words, and they certainly did help to make us feel much, much better. Standing Orders have been cancelled and funds transferred to my partner's new bank account today, so her old bank will get a rude awakening tomorrow; their cash-cow has stopped haemorrhaging golden milk. I suspect they will protest, but we are not obliged to speak to them, so we may well be "out" if they should come a-calling tomorrow... With each passing moment, we grow more positive about the decision we have made and more hopeful for the future.

Buoyed up by these confident spirits, I feel it is now time for the next stage in our journey through time. Yes!! Here is Jasper's Famous People of England - Part 4:

Good night.
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