Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunday 7 January 2007

I am writing this blog entry in some minor discomfort. My partner cooked lunch for her family today and prepared some extra chicken for me. When she set my bowl down for me this evening, I gobbled up my roasted chicken feast without wasting any time in chewing it. Consequently, the whole pieces of meat are sitting most uncomfortably in my little belly. I am considering reporting my partner to the RSPCA - I could have been killed. Fortunately, the digestive juices are now beginning to flow and are easing my pain, so I may spare my partner. My life is indeed a difficult one.

My partner abandoned me yesterday evening in order to go to the cinema. She went to see Miss Potter, a film about the artist and writer Beatrix Potter. She greatly enjoyed the picture, but her relation of its storyline to me reminded me of concerns that I harbour over these particular works. I have LONG been suspicious of these "innocent" storybooks, designed with children in mind. Have a look at these statistics, showing the number of times each animal features as a principal character in one of Potter's tales:

Rabbit: 7
Squirrel: 1
Mouse: 9
Cat: 6
Frog: 1
Hedgehog: 1
Pig: 3
Rat: 1
Duck: 1
Fox: 2
Dog: 2

Notice anything? It strikes me that there has been a DISTINCT conspiracy on the part of Miss Potter in the promotion of mice, cats and rabbits. Particularly mice. It's just wrong. Such rodentist/cattist propaganda should be stamped on, NOT encouraged. To my mind, ANYONE who presents animals in an anthropomorphic manner is a deeply disturbed individual and should be pitied.

Now: Around the World with Jasper - Part 5!

Good night.
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