Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunday 28 January 2006

Well well. What an 'interesting' week it has been. I shall begin with the worst point, and work my way up from there. My partner did NOT get the job for which she applied. She is extremely distressed. All the more so when she learned (via a representative) that the interviewers liked her very much and had selected her for the job. They were all set to offer it to my partner when SOMEONE deliberately (in order to scupper her plans to leave her current job) wrote her an absolutely dreadful reference. If you look back to an earlier blog entry that mentions the 'incidents' at the Theatre when she was chaperoning, that might give you a clue as to the culprit. Something good may ultimately come of this (I cannot speak further of this at present), but the sting is a cruel one. My partner feels like one of those fairy-tale princesses, trapped in a tower and unable to free herself.

My partner is very busy with her script. Act Two is still underway and the Big Committee convenes shortly to discuss advertising, staging, costumes and the like. It's getting a bit scary now. To her credit, my partner has only had one or two 'what have I done?!' moments thus far.

I had a most enjoyable day at Abbotstone today; much pheasant-chasing. Alas, while I was engaged in a stealthy hunt, my partner was more agreeably occupied. A couple of English Bull Terriers, accompanied by their partners, stopped to chat to her. One of them (dog, not human, I mean) was (apparently) a most attractive young lady named Daisy. They had moved on by the time I returned, but I caught a feint whiff of her on the evening breeze... delightful. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful in my sport. Again. But I did spot the fragmented skeletal remains of a freshly-ex-pheasant, so at least someone is having some luck.

Jetlagged? You will be. Here's Around the World with Jasper - Part 9:

Good night.
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