Sunday, 5 October 2008

Tuesday 30 January 2007

My partner isn't really speaking to me this morning. I am afraid that I was very fidgetty during the night and kept her awake. She, in turn, was very poorly and when, at last, she had procured some medicine and returned, exhausted, to bed she found slumber a challenge because I kept shifting about and stepping on her. Thank heavens, I am comfortable now, but SHE had a good old grumble to her mother before she went to work. It isn't my fault that I couldn't get comfy - she was lying in all the most inconvenient places for me.

My partner said, among other traitorous statements (for which I am minded to administer a nipping), that she didn't understand why I am not showing my age yet. I still have the vitality and energy of a puppy and am in full possession of all my faculties. Impudent girl. Just because SHE is feeling the lash of time's cruel whip, it doesn't mean that I have to as well.

Troubling news. A holiday has been booked for half-term week in May. I am to accompany my partner and her parents for a rare group holiday. We are going to St. David's Bay in Wales. I was very excited to see the pictures on the website - lovely beaches, clean sea for swimming, rocks to climb, and plenty of walking space. But there is a blot on this glorious landscape. Joining us will be my partner's brother and sister-in-law and their little Demon-seed, Ewan. He celebrates his second birthday while there. I for one shall not be joining in the birthday chorus (although I may condescend to accept a slice of cake). I am very cross and am planning another night of fidgets, just to spite my partner. But now, for some reason, I am appallingly tired and so I am going to sleep for the rest of the day - must conserve my energy for those night-time stumblings...zzzzz

Good day.
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