Sunday, 5 October 2008

Saturday 20 January 2007

I had the most delightful walk in Harewood forest today with Maisie and my partner. I wanted to make the trip in order to see how many of my trees had survived the violent winds - I am happy to say that only three of them had fallen completely; the rest of the damage was confined to minor branches so not too much grief there. I didn't see as many pheasants as usual, but had a couple of good chases and played sticks to make up for the lack of beasties. I had some good rolling as well. At the beginning of the walk I saw a most interesting pungent mushroom growing halfway up the side of a small tree. I stood on my hind-paws, supporting myself by leaning against the tree, and reached up and patted the mushroom to the ground with my right front paw. I flattened my prize nicely on a carpet of moss and then liberally rolled and rolled on it. Its stinking juices were sweet music to my snout, and now I have an interesting pattern of stains and sticking-up fur across my back and shoulders. Very satisfying.

Act One of my partner's play was received extremely well at her meeting last night. She has the go-ahead to begin Act Two, which I expect she shall do tomorrow. Well, actually, I expect I shall do most of the hard work while she takes the credit but such is my lot in this life... She was very flattered by the positive response to her work, all the most valuable because it comes from intelligent people whose opinions she respects. I don't suppose she was honest about MY involvement - I became suspicious when I realised she was leaving me at home. But her secret will out. Someone will ask her a question about the text that she cannot answer, people will spot some of my ex-hairs on her clothing and put two and two together and she will be exposed for the Staffordshire-robbing charlatan that she is.

I am glad that the wretched strong winds experienced this week are now dying down, as it means that we are once again cleared for take-off: it's Around the World with Jasper - Part 6:

Good night.
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