Sunday, 5 October 2008

Monday 11 December 2006

An interesting weekend. My partner has begun a Christmas job - she is chaperoning the child cast of Aladdin (a pantomime) at the local big theatre. The children are very nice, and good fun, and the adult actors are nice too (a couple of the chaps being very good-looking too, according to my partner. A shame that I am not there to chaperone her). It is quite hard work though, as she must escort the human pups up and down three or four flights of stairs each time they go on stage. She's hoping the effort will give her (in her words) a nice a*s in time for Christmas. Hmmmn.

My partner is actually in a bit of a state this evening. She went to BC's place of work to collect her pirate costume (still not able to explain yet, I'm afraid) and learned that the poor boy spent much of the weekend in hospital. He was set upon by two, well, what can only be described as "gits" in a completely unprovoked attack on Saturday night and beaten up - he didn't stand a chance of defending himself. My partner is desperately upset and longs to be at his side, tending to his wounds with affectionate care. But she cannot abandon my needs for his. Poor girl. AND poor boy. No-one deserves to be attacked without warning. Or, indeed, attacked at all. I understand that he may return to work tomorrow, so she may call in to check on him on her way to the airport.

For tomorrow, to the airport we must go. We are collecting our friend Lance from the USA, who is staying with us for a week. I am allowed into the airport, so will accompany my partner, to ensure her safety among the masses. As a consequence of Lance's visit, this blog may suffer from some neglect during the next seven days. I hope you will forgive me.

I will leave you for now with another history/geography lesson to digest. Yes, here is Part 3 of Around the World with Jasper. Read, and learn.

Good night.
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