Sunday, 5 October 2008

Monday 1 January 2007

Well, what a rum few weeks we have had. A blog well and truly neglected is just one of the casualties. A hectic schedule has been the principal cause. Our friend Lance from the USA has been and gone (before Christmas). My partner went with him to London, to see a concert by John Barrowman (singer/actor in Dr. Who and Torchwood) and Mr. B. was kind enough to autograph a programme for me:

See?! It says "Jasper"!!

The rest of this blog entry has been composed in the Horse and Groom pub, and my partner is typing it up after our return. We saw the new year in last night in this pub. My partner seemed to enjoy herself. But I went to sleep on someone's coat.

My partner has not been enjoying her chaperoning job very much. The children are all very nice, but it is hard work and she has been very ill. And, of course, it divides her attention from me. Fortunately, it is her last day tomorrow and she returns to her normal, non-holiday, job. Which will mean even more stress. Her day-to-day job boss is proving to be a bit scary of late. In a case of mistaken identity, he suspected her to have been chaperoning while ill. The next day - the NEXT day!! - he turned up at the theatre box office asking questions about my partner but not leaving his name and becoming aggressive to the point where they nearly asked him to leave. Not content with this, the following day he telephoned the theatre SIX times with his odd questions, getting progressively aggressive again, until the theatre rang my partner and asked her to make him stop. If that isn't harrassment then I'm a purple kitten. So that's the world she's walking back into tomorrow. Is it any wonder she's stressed?

But enough of this distressing topic and on to something else of note: my partner has SEEN BC!! They have spoken! He has recovered from his BC-bashing and, in fact, bravely tried to retaliate against his assailant. He was in good spirits. A friendly conversation took place between them but, alas, nothing to the purpose ("gooseberries" were present). The upshot of it all is that he is once more confirmed as the gentleman she prefers to ALL others (she loves him). His feelings are still ambiguous, but she wants none other than he and is prepared to remain single if he cannot return to her. Well, this is the state of things and I must learn to accept it. I only desire her happiness and am beginning to WANT BC to be my partner-in-law (what's WRONG with me? Ho hum). Perhaps she will see him again soon.


Good night.
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