Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Friday 1 September 2006

Maisie has gone to stay with her niece for a few days. I think she must have been feeling guilty, because she left a beef casserole and potatoes for me, which I consumed over two days - very agreeable. If I had more funds, I would employ a full-time chef. I had some fish for my supper this evening - delicious. My partner says that eating fish will make me more intelligent. I hope this isn't true; if there were more brains in me there would be less room for food.

My partner had an audition for a play yesterday evening (she has acted extensively in the past, though never to such acclaim as I received for my "Bullseye"). I waited at home with a growing sense of anxiety, for the play would inevitably lead her into contact with BC yet again. Fortunately, she was not cast. I'm not sure how she feels about this, but I for one am greatly relieved. She learned at the weekend that one of BC's close relatives is very seriously ill, so is using this as an excuse for him not contacting her. GRRRROWL.... As soon as she begins to give up on him, something new comes along to enable her to invent a fresh excuse for him. What is WRONG with humans?!

I took my exercise at Abbotstone this evening. Most pleasant, and I met up with my friend Miley (a collie/saluki cross). We had a couple of games and discovered someone camping in the woods. He had a nice open campfire, but no food on it, so we did not linger long. I wanted to play sticks but it was getting dark, so returned to write this blog instead.
I hope Maisie returns soon. I am missing her company (and the biscuits she feeds me). What's the point of engaging staff if they continually absent themselves? Ah well. The weekend approaches.

Good night.
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