Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sunday 10 September 2006

Espied the New Cat this evening. It crossed the road in front of my partner's car. I tried to urge her to accelerate immediately and chase it down, but she refused. She didn't think it would be prudent to drive across her neighbour's lawns in hot pursuit of a cat. I was tempted to argue but decided not to, as we were on our way to Abbotstone after a week-long suspension of our visits. A rather peculiar gentleman had started to wait around for her every evening. He would then walk back to the car park with us, attempting all the while to engage my partner in conversation. I was not happy about this attention and took care to always be within mauling distance if something nasty should happen, but my partner seemed to think it was all perfectly innocent.

The evening came, however, when she saw him looking out for her from a considerable distance. She saw him, but he did not notice that she'd seen him - when he spied us, he swiftly popped behind a bush. Some twenty minutes later, as we walked back to the car, out from behind the same bush he emerged, as if he had just happened to have been walking towards us from that path at the same time. Well, he did no more than talk to my partner, fortunately for him, but that was the end of walktime tranquility for my partner. I have been exercised this week, in Maisie's absence, by my partner's father. We encountered my partner's "admirer" several times. He looked most unhappy to see me with a different companion and thankfully stopped waiting around the car park. But things are back on track now. This almost makes me wish BC was around to assist me in protecting my partner. That's a mark of the severity of all this.

Monday tomorrow. And a very sad anniversary for us all. My partner will be remembering the terrible events and praying for the victims and their families. I shall do the same for Sirius - the PAPD dog killed when the WTC collapsed. God bless everyone who suffers at this time.

Good night.
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