Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wednesday 16 August 2006

A good day today. Maisie tended to my needs during the day and my partner took me for a lovely walk when she got home from work. We followed a deer across a huge field and then walked back to the car as the sun set. I found some hidden treasure, which was a bonus. I was ahead of my partner when my nose picked something up. I rooted about in the grass and lo! A recently-deceased vole!! It was just ripe for rolling in - parasites had just started their work from within - so I had a few good rolls and was just about to take my first succulent bite when my partner arrived on the scene and stopped me. She didn't seem as pleased with my find as I was. In fact, she called me a "disgusting maggot". Dammit. I will have to be more guarded with my prizes in future.

After the walk, my partner was going to a magazine planning meeting. We were running late, so I was going to wait in the car outside, but I was invited into the house and spent an extremely pleasant hour being fussed over and playing football in the garden with the householder's little daughter. I scarcely have the energy to type, but it was a lovely evening.

No encounters with either BC or the New Cat today. Why can't every day be as lovely as today? Tomorrow will be less good - it is A Level results day (my partner works in a school exams office), so my beloved will be late home and tired. I will try not to be too demanding.

Good night.
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