Thursday, 2 October 2008

Wednesday 15 November 2006

Ohhhhh - my paws REALLY hurt.

I went to Harewood Forest again today with Maisie and my partner. There were LOADS of pheasants, which all needed chasing, and we walked for simply ages. It was lovely, but I made the mistake of playing Sticks and Dog's Bottom as well as chasing wily beasties. Then, as we'd finally returned to my little green Corsa after a good two hours' walking, I spotted another pheasant lurking in the trees and sped after it. After I'd given up the chase, I was capable only of staggering pitifully back to base camp. I had to be assisted into my carriage and slept all the way home. Now my paws are raw and every character on the keyboard that I type causes me to wince. To add to my torment, my partner took advantage of my extra-sleepiness to trim my killer claw.

Perhaps some explanation is required here. Just over a year ago, an unfortunate accident befell me whilst I was engaged in a frantic rabbit chase. It wasn't until I returned home that the severity of my wound became apparent. As I jumped from my typing chair I caught a claw, previously injured in the chase, on a thread and the entire claw came fully out of my pad. Aieeeesch! It SERIOUSLY hurt. Well, prompt veterinary attention and loving care from my partner ensured a relatively swift and complete healing. My partner had the bright idea of covering my bandage with a condom, to keep it waterproof. And probably for comedy purposes also. The upshot of this business is that I now have one "mutant" claw. It grew back to a normal size, but is exceptionally hardy and does not wear down through exercise like the others. It must be clipped. My partner sneaked up with the scissors while I slumbered, and the claw was pruned and ready for another few months of active service before I had registered what she was up to.

Anyway, despite my aching limbs and throbbing paws, it has been a lovely day. My partner sent The Text Message to BC just ten minutes ago. I shall stick to her like a barnacle to ensure her wellbeing and keep the blog updated with news. I already follow her into the toilet and bathroom, so she is used to my limpet-like behaviour and probably won't notice any difference.

Good night.
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