Thursday, 2 October 2008

Friday 17 November 2006

I don't think I have ever seen quite as much rain in one day as there was today. My partner took me to Abbotstone this afternoon and I was quite seriously concerned for the safety of my little green Corsa. At several stages we had to shift down into second or third gear to drive through the waters accumulated on the roads. It seriously hampered my hunting prowess too. My partner said that she spotted two deer, passing very close by, but there was so much rain and ground water that I couldn't catch the scent of them. I did pick up the trail once out of the woods and into open space, but it led me to an area with unfortunate connections - the site of my heroic battle with the stag (as described in an earlier blog post). Well, knowing how much more a butt-whipping hurts when one's flesh is wet and cold, I decided to have mercy on the be-antlered one (in case he was loitering) and turned towards the car park. Once safely back in the car, my partner wrapped my dripping self in a blanket, to guard against chills on the way home.

ME - recovering from my impersonation of a damp fish in a wet place.

It has been an interesting couple of days, to say the least. Yesterday was my partner's mother's birthday, so my partner and I made a coca-cola cake. I wanted to be the taster, but my partner won't let me have anything chocolatey, so I had to content myself with a supervisory role. Then, I received an email to tell me that the parish magazine, for which I regularly pen articles, won third place in a national competition among parish magazines. And it came top in 'best editing' category. So I am still doing a little dance of glee.

Nothing from BC yet. Not that I thought there would be. My partner is still philosophical though. Grrrrowl.

My partner had to visit the doctor today, to ascertain whether or not she is well enough to return to work (she has been at home with me for the past two weeks). The doctor told her that she will not be well enough to work until at least January. So she returns to her office on Tuesday. What can I say?

Good night.
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