Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tuesday 26 September 2006

It may seem to the casual observer that I have been callously neglecting this blog. But no. I have been unable to maintain it for a week due to extreme ill health.

It was not brought on by rabbit-induced poisoning, or even a surfeit of crunchy squirrels. Oh no. I shall explain.

The very day after I completed my last blog entry I awoke to the most incredible pain in my left eye. It worsened as the day progressed and by the evening I was in, literally, blinding agony. The following day, I could not even walk. My partner was in a terrible state and promised that she would return early from work in order to take me to my physician. However, lunchtime had not even arrived before my partner's mother telephoned my partner at work to announce that I was so unwell that she was going to take me to the earlier vets' surgery. Maisie and my partner's mother bore my wretched frame to the vets' table, from which I normally do my utmost to escape. Mr. Matthews (Chief Vet - as befitted my condition) swiftly diagnosed an ulcer actually on the surface of my eyeball of such magnitude that it hampered my entire vision, co-ordination and strength. Thick, viscous drops were administered and - oh! - the relief! The drops were cooling and instantly began to soothe my pain. As the pain subsided and my vision returned over the next day or two, I became more like my former self.

I am continuing, though slowly, to mend. The drops must be administered twice daily by my partner. A side effect of this rotten business has been the most appalling conjunctivitis (pinkeye) in BOTH eyes, which is proving reluctant to leave my system. I returned for a check-up this afternoon, at which it was ascertained that the original ulcer had healed, only to be replaced by another, smaller one on the OTHER eyeball. So another week of drops followed by a visit to the surgery to look forward to. Hey ho.

Suffice it to say, my partner and all concerned were mightily relieved that the problem was not more serious. For a time, it was seriously thought that I could be mortally ill. You can imagine what affect this had on my warm-hearted, affectionate partner. It nearly finished her, quite apart from her sufferings over BC. I am happy to report that we are both well, and happier than ever in each other's convalescing company.

It was looking at that blo*dy ginger cat that was the cause of all this, I've no doubt. But the chances of proving this in a court of law are slim, so I shall keep the peace. Until I am fully recovered...

Good night.
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