Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thursday 19 October 2006

Much relief in this household today. I went to the vets last night, as my partner and I were extremely concerned about "Little Jasper". The wound had become infected, and I kept having nightmarish visions of the little fellow shrivelling up and dropping off. I had to lie on my back on Mr. Matthew's table, while he poked and prodded at the 'land of love' towards my lower belly and tail area. He confirmed that an infection had taken hold and administered an injection (thankfully in the neck) as well as prescribing a course of antibiotics. I am pleased to report that there has been progress already. I am well on the way to recovery and Little Jasper remains unimpaired and active as ever.

This is all just as well because, this weekend, it is my partner's birthday followed one day later by my own. I will be eight. I often compare myself to a fine wine or cheese - I just get better with age. The same cannot be said of my partner. Although still youthful, she is beginning to look old and haggard. I think the situation with BC (or lack thereof) may be largely to blame. She has many admirers, and is generally considered beautiful by gentlemen. But the truth must be faced: she is no Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Come to think of it though, neither is my wife Isolde. She is a Springer Spaniel, very perky and bright. This is a picture of us on the day of our Union:

Isn't she pretty? (I'm the one on the right).

She belongs to the parents of my partners' brother's wife - the picture was taken in their kitchen. We all went to visit them in Herefordshire not long after the young human couple became engaged. I confess that I was not taken with Isolde instantly. I resented her attentions to my partner and her family, and her cheery complacence in her own home. But the evening - ah, sweet evening! - all changed forever. Isolde and her partners live in a Victorian manor-type house. In their drawing room is a beautiful open fire. After dinner, Isolde had pride of place on the hearth-rug, while I jealously looked on. She got up to take some refreshment in the kitchen and I instantly stole her place by the crackling fire. When she returned, she glared angrily at me and barked "You. Move. Now." And that was that. I was instantly smitten, and we have never looked back. A woman of spirit. Isolde has sworn to be true to me, and I to her, despite the miles that separate us. And, aside from dalliances with some-time other wife Ellie (Shi-Tzu) and girlfriends Holly, Molly, Polly, Other Molly, Alice, Bella and Candy (shared in the park among me and my best mate Jack the Retriever - this octet is my Pack, of which Jack and I have equal leadership), I have kept my vow. BC could learn a lot from me.

Uh oh. The above has reminded me that over-worshipped little gitwizard Ewan and his parents are coming this weekend, to help my partner "celebrate" her birthday. Apparently the child is almost walking. Well, in that case, I shall leave the front door open, and he can just keep on walking. There is nothing like practice, after all.

Good night.
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