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Saturday 4 November 2006

All is not well in this household. And I am not referring to the annual nuisance of firework parties, which have tortured my peace all evening. My partner is in somewhat dire straits.
She has been feeling rather low of late, what with continued frustrations over BC and the lack of affectionate attention, her work, and another unhappy situation, which I am currently not at liberty to mention. Suffice it to say, however, that the rat-bast*rd Cancer stalks my partner's close family once more like the skulking parasite that it is.

My partner (who is NOT the one afflicted by the Big C) went to the doctors on Thursday, fully expecting a prescription and some soothing words. What she ACTUALLY received was a referral to the hospital and an order to stay away from work for two weeks. She is not happy. She went to work on Friday, to hand over her note from the doctors - I don't think it went too well. Someone actually said to her something along the lines of "Well, I can see why they won't promote you - if you are like this." I leave you to determine how happy this sentiment made her.

So - two weeks of my partner's company, all to myself. Yes!! She may have mixed feelings but I, for one, am delighted. We will have lots of lovely walks and dozes together and I am sure I will cure her with two weeks of intensive Jasper-therapy.

We began the course with a lovely woodland walk with Maisie yesterday and the treatment continued today at Abbotstone, with the long circuit. Dog's Bottom was played, which my partner won 8 - 3. I actually let her win, but thought this was a prudent move as I had just bitten her severely by accident when we were playing Sticks. She didn't make too much of a fuss, but my fangs pierced her skin and caused some bleeding. She had to stand and pick stick-dirt out of the wound while her finger swelled up and turned an alarming shade of purples and blues. It bled all the way back to the car. I was mortified, but she reassured me and said that it was an accident and I mustn't blame myself. Letting her score five more Dog's Bottom victories as we returned to the car park was the very least I could do. At time of writing the swelling has subsided, but half of her finger is black. I will kiss it better again soon.

My partner went out to the cinema with the lovely Dolores yesterday. They went to see a film called 'Borat'. I don't know what it was about, but they were still laughing like deranged hyenas when they arrived back, so it must have been quite amusing. Judging from the tone of their laughter, I suspect that the film was rather rude. I hope that it has not polluted these young ladies' pure minds.

I was alarmed this afternoon to hear confirmation of a fact that I have suspected for a few days now. My partner is shrinking. She has been going to a place called the 'gym' and not eating as much food as usual and she told her parents this afternoon that she has "gone down by a dress size", whatever that means, which was the cue for clapping and rejoicing. Hmmn. I hope my partner doesn't shrink too much; there will be less of her to love. I have it on good authority that this 'gym' is a new building in the town - one which I often supervised at the construction stages. It was on the route I regularly take with Maisie and we used to always stop to speak to the builders. I hope this is true - if it is, then I have pee-ed many, many times on the foundations of this shady establishment that is taking bits of my partner away from me - ha!

Good night.
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