Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Monday 18 September 2006

Heh heh heh. I scored a minor triumph over my partner today. I have enjoyed her company all day today, as she has been very poorly, but happily she was well enough to escort me to Abbotstone in the evening. We did the big, outer circuit, which we haven't been able to do all summer as the paths have been too overgrown. Once out of the woods, we played sticks until I happened upon the mortal remains of a long-dead rabbit. I got a few crunchy mouthfuls in before my partner prodded me in the bottom with a stick to divert my attention. I ran on ahead, determined that I would not indulge her with any more games for inflicting such a cruel indignity on my person. But, for once, I got the upper paw. For, next to the path back to the car, lay the putrefying remains of ANOTHER deceased bunny! And I was far, far ahead of my dawdling partner! Yes!! Ah, the sweet delicious succulence of rotting flesh...

I attacked the liquefying flesh with gusto until my partner spotted me and quickened her pace. She stood observing the scene for the few seconds it took for the smell to reach her nostrils. Then, with a gutteral bark of "Noooo!" she put a firm hand on my rump and I was forcefully propelled from my prize. Words like "disgusting", "sick" and "sleeping in the garden tonight" fell from her lips as she marched me back to the car, but I was too happy to care.

Another cause for celebration is that my partner's "friend" or his car haven't been spotted on any of our recent excursions. Perhaps he has got the message. I am glad that it has not been necessary to utilise my fangs.

Speaking of dangerous men, my idiot partner has taken the post of prompt for the play in which she didn't get a part. I don't need to offer a reason - it is instantly clear. Yes, she hopes it may prove the re-ignition of matters with BC - at the very least she will get to see him again. WHY do I bother???

She is a fool. Nothing good will come of this and trusty sidekick Jasper will have to pick up the jagged and bloodied pieces once again. Sigh.

Still, several mouthfuls of rotten rabbit - what a day. Heh heh heh...

Good night.
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