Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Monday 2 October 2006

The trip to the vets draws ever closer. I am trying not to dwell upon it, however. The thought of the lubricated finger puts me off my supper. I shall have to close my eyes and imagine BC in my place upon the table... that's better!!

As if the above wasn't enough of a deterrent to waking up tomorrow morning, I have the added horror of my ultimate nemesis descending on my house at some point during the day. This living embodiment of all that is dreadful is not a cat, squirrel, stag or even BC himself. No. It is my partner's little nephew Ewan - the spawn of my partner's brother and his wife. He is one year old. Not long enough, you may think, to have incurred my wrath, but not so. My partner adores him - a cruel and unnecessary division of her affection from me. I went to great lengths on one occasion to kick him with one of my back legs. He merely stared at me and I received a spanked bottom from my partner for my trouble. This served to cement my loathing of the little beast.

At least BC doesn't even ATTEMPT to redeem himself to my partner. Ewan is effortlessly cute, without trying, and is good-humoured and often chuckling sweetly. He even sleeps well at night It isn't fair. WHY can't I be left in peace to be worshipped by all without interruption?
So, not only am I now FORCED to spend the entire day and night sulkily brooding in a corner, the only diversion in this day is a trip to the vets and a finger up my ar*e. I hate everything.

"Good" night.
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