Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday 4 July 2010

Sometimes I have to wonder - Is it that I am always in trouble; or is it that trouble is always in me?

It wasn't completely my fault.  It was a devious and pungent rabbit that led me astray.  Honest. 
Yes; I promised that I would never do it again.  Yes; I broke that promise. 
But I DID go back to the car park ('tis where I was found the following morning).  Can I be blamed for the fact that my partner gave up waiting for me after a mere three and a half hours?
Oh.  Apparently I CAN be blamed.  However, there is, as always, a price to be paid for my crimes.  And here it is:
This hurts more than it looks, I can assure you.  And my partner looks like death-on-a-stick.  Oh, why, WHY did I do it?  As well as the pain, I still have to be physically supported whilst I go to the toilet and undertake other routine activities such as eating and climbing into bed.
We will survive this.  But, for now, my eyes hurt and my paws still sting most cruelly, so I bid you a good afternoon.
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