Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday 7 April 2013

I know you were expecting Peaches-related developments.  Alas, however, I have wretched news to dissemble.

Gisèle has been VERY badly injured.  By Betty.

Emergency surgery this afternoon saved Giz; it's touch-and-go at the moment - she returns to the vet at 8.30am on Tuesday.  Betty is distraught and racked with guilt.

Please remember them both in any prayers you may offer up.

And please don't blame Betty - she had been "wound-up" by a third party (certainly not me - but who shall remain nameless) and is mortified by what she has done.  Her noble owner will be paying for Gisèle's surgeries, medicines and pain (though she does not know this yet).

But Gisèle, true to form, has ALREADY forgiven Betty - even though the little dear-heart's life still hangs in the balance, she took the time to kiss Betty and assure her that she bore no malice or ill-will, before my weeping partner carried her back up to the darkened bedroom to lie in peace in the hopes that, with tranquillity and repose will come recovery.

A close-up of Gisèle's neck - she lies on the bed, her
left ear & eye are under my partner's bloodied fingers.

Please pray for sweet Gisèle's survival.  She is too, too young to lie beside me yet in eternal repose.

I thank you.
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