Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday 28 April 2013

"YOU'RE PLANNING A WHAT...?!?" shouted Betty, staring in disbelief at little Gisèle, who flinched at her friend's angry barks.  "ARE YOU  COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR GOURD!?!"

"No, I am not." replied Giz defiantly.  "And what is a gourd?"
"It's a - oh, never mind.  But an 'I Love Peaches Party'?  Seriously, Gizzles: Are you mental?  No, really - ARE you MENTALLY ILL?!"
"No!" repeated Gisèle, "I think it's a nice idea to have a party for Peaches."  A note of sulky defiance was beginning to creep into her voice.
"But...  but..." spluttered Elizabeth, so indignant that she was almost beyond speech, "Why?!"
"Because I think that he is very unhappy, and very lonely, and very sad - and that is really, really why he is so cross and mean and nasty all of the time!" explained Gizmo, her beautiful eyes shining with excitement.  "I think that if he had some friends he will be happy and nice."
"Then you're a bigger t*t that I thought."
"I's NOT a t*t."
"But to forgive everything that he has ever done....?!"

"I forgave you." said Gisèle quietly.

She had not barked this in an unkind or snide way, but merely to demonstrate a point - but it had a profound effect on Betty.  The Giant Schnauzer nodded, remembering how she had felt on the occasions when she had injured the little Parson Jack Russell Terrier - almost killed her during the latest "incident", for Gisèle had ceased to breathe on three occasions and been revived (twice by my partner, once by the vet) in this more serious episode - and, after the event, had been met with nothing but love, forgiveness and open arms.  Betty was duly humbled.

"AND," continued Giz, with a sly look in her eye, "Laddie has already barked that he is going to come...!"
"Oh!" exclaimed Betty, somewhat startled.  "Oh... well...  I suppose it might not be TOO bad if he'll be there..."

Gisèle giggled - but managed to tactfully disguise it as a cough.  And so the party plans begin...!


Still no sign of Ewan "up here".  I'll admit that this is beginning to concern me.  Someone as pure of heart and generous of spirit will not have gone to "the other place" - of that I am 100% certain.

Yet, where could he be...?
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