Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday 6 January 2013

Hello!  It is Gisèle here!  I hope that you all had a very nice Christmas and is a happy new years!

Jasper isn't here.  I don't know where he is gone, but he is gone just for now.  I hope you are well. I am well too and I am being a very good girl.

I have a VERY nice Christmas, thank you.  I even got some presents all to myself and I have never had ANY presents before.  I got a pretty felt pillow in pastel colours with a rose on top that squeaks when you chew it from my friend Rosie (in the house next door.  I gives her a present of a chewy shoe that she likes.), and my favourite present of all which is a big red rubber Christmas cracker (it is a toy, not a real cracker) from Mistress's brother and sister and their children.  I took out the squeak from it because it was annoying me but I love it lots and play with it all the time.  I like Christmas.  I think I will have it again.

But we isn't always happy. No.  Because, yesterday it was one WHOLE year ago that my friend Jasper die. Mistress is very very very sad and she cries a lot yesterday.  At nearly lunchtime her mama and papa come to see us because our fridge and freezer is broke and they was going to help move it but we couldn't move it.  Afterwards they all cry (not because of the fridge and freezer) and then they go into the garden to bury something right by Jasper's holly tree and put a little wood cross there.  And then they cry again.  I went and hide upstairs because they are sad and I never meet Jasper (actually, I DID meet him once when he was alive.  I forgot but remembered.  He said that I was pretty and a good little girl but then my old Master took me away and I never saw him again until after he was died).  But after a minute Mistress call me and so I came down and she gave me a big cuddle.  She says that she is frightened that if she loves me then I will get cancer and die too soon like all the others.  I says back that I is never going to get cancer but Mistress papa says that no-one can tell what is going to happen in the future.  Well, I says, I is here now and I loves my Mistress and my friends and that is the best I can do just now.  Then we all has a big hug around Jasper's holly tree.

I am so happy here, I cannot tell you how much.  No-one hurts me or makes me live in a cage or kicks me or makes me go down holes in the ground and kill until I has killed everything.  I didn't like that.  I like chasing and since I has been with Mistress I likes to chase squirrels and all sorts and I has so far killed a shrew a pigeon and a rabbit that was bigger than me.  But I has chosen these things and was not kicked and punched to make me do it.  Oh yes, I is so very, very, VERY happy now.

Jasper is come back sometimes.  He keeps trying to make me say what is in the pretty wooden box with his name on.  I knows, I has seen.  Mistress showed me one day.  But he will not know.  I will never ever tell him.  So - SHHH! - please don't you tell him either.  It will make him upset and I don't want that.

My bestest friend (I mean dog friend, because my best friend ever is Mistress) Betty is coming to stay for some days on Thursday.  I am going to share my presents with her.  We didn't used to be friends because she was mean to me but Jasper helped and now she is my best dog friend in the whole world ever.  My next best friends are Rosie, then Ewan, then Fizzee, then Milo and then some others but I has have forgotten their names.  I have some dog boyfriends too.  Lots, but Mistress never lets them do anything down there, what a pity, hihihi....

I am sorry my writing is not so good.  It is getting better than it was but I still is needing help from Jasper.  He is coming back soon but I think he has gone back to see his friend Kipper.  I is sorry that it has been a whole year that he has died.  I like him.  But I am glad that I live here now where it is warm and safe and people are nice to me.

Love from Gisèle xxx

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