Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Monday 31 December 2012

"And DON'T think I haven't spotted what you're up to, young lady...!"  I barked in stentorian tones of mock severity.

"What?!?" yipped Gisèle, caught on the computer chair for all the world to see, as though her soft but guilty paws were captured, mid-thievery, in the sweetie-tin.  Her tail was wagging wildly, as if to distract attention from her computer-based antics.

"You've been changing my, er, your, well, our blog PINK!"
"I have NOT!" squeaked Giz, most indignantly.
"Gisèle!  I can see it!"
"Oh! Erm - well, in that case, yes then."

I laughed, shaking my head.  It has pleased me no end to see how well little Giz has settled into the house.  She has even got a favourite chair (by a bizarre coincidence it was my own favourite chair), in which she stores her most precious treasures: a half-chewed treat; a rubber Christmas cracker she received as a gift; a toy given to her by Rosie next door; and an old cheese wrapper which she thinks my partner doesn't know about.

How strange it came to pass this way.  My partner vowed never to get another dog after my death.  Entirely by random coincidence and accident did Gisèle find herself forced to take up residence here - and so happy for both her and my partner that the fates fell this way.  Truly a better, more easy-going, and cheerful dog one could not hope to meet.

"Shall I change all the pink back to blue, Jazz?" queried Giz.  I smiled at her.

"No Gisèle, it's perfect." I smiled.  "Don't you change a thing."

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