Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thursday 17 November 2011

And so it has come to pass. My partner is leaving me.

Only for a couple of nights though. I am staying with her parents, though I am still not entirely satisfied. She is off to BBC Radio 2 tomorrow to answer telephones and take donations for the very worthy Children in Need charity. If you live in the UK and telephone 0500 22 11 22 between 10am and 7pm tomorrow to request a song and donate some money to the charity, you will get to speak to my partner, one of her fabulous friends, or even a celebrity (not me, alas.  I do not enjoy barking on the 'phone - I tend towards rudeness and that is unacceptable at the BBC).  For non-UK friends, you can visit this site to find out more: BBC Radio 2 Children in Need 2011.

Please spare a couple of quid for Children in Need, if you can.  I, in the meantime, shall be devising a series of subtle yet devastating punishments for my traitorous partner.  Should there come another opportunity in the future, I shall ensure that she thinks twice before abandoning me for two days to hobnob with celebrities in London.

Good afternoon.
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