Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday 5 June 2011 a


The present was from Trudis!  It came to me in a flash at about a quarter to three this morning.  In the sudden instant of realisation, I barked her name a little more loudly than I had intended.  My sleeping partner leapt about two feet into the air, startled into wakefulness.  "Bl**dy hell, Jasper!" she grumbled, sleepily.  So thrilled was I by my powers of cognisance that I had to ask to be taken to the toilet.  And my partner was already awake, so no problem there, hehehe...

Trudis is a lovely lady from The Phillippines, where she and her pack are lucky enough to share their lives with a couple of the most decent people you could ever wish to know - The Animal Doctor and his good lady The Secretary.  They spare no effort in their veterinary practice and their lives to assist the animals around them and their love and compassion are second-to-none.  You might like to check out their blog, which is packed with humour, warmth, love, plus lots of genuinely informative helpful health and lifestyle tips for dogs.  In actual fact, it was from The Animal Doctor that my partner learned how to express my anal sacs at home - but that is not a matter I care to discuss.  You can find all these sweet friends at  You may have to wait a bit, though, as some evil-doer has hacked their blog and they're working about bringing it back online.  Archive posts should be visible though!

TOP, L-R: Trudis, Bambi, Scarlet
BOTTOM, L-R: Woody, MoyMoy, Jappy

Trudis and family: I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and, indeed, from the heart of my bottom) for your sweet and most-appreciated generosity.  Isn't Trudis beautiful?

Ah, is that the chime of canine wedding bells that I hear...?

I have to go and help my partner to hang out some washing now - but I will be back later!

Good morning.
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