Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday 4 June 2011

For once in my somewhat loquacious life I don't think I know quite what to bark.  In fact, I am quite overwhelmed.

Half-way through this morning, there was a knock at my front door.  Upon accompanying my partner to answer it, I was surprised to find a delivery driver from our regular supermarket.  Slightly more so because I had already spent some time in the car outside the supermarket during the week whilst my partner did our grocery-shopping.

After signing for our delivery (during which process the friendly driver obligingly fussed me and scratched my ears - lovely), my surprise increased and transformed to delight when my partner placed the delivery-bag on the floor and said "Here you are, Jasper!  This is a VERY special gift for you!"  Intrigued, I opened the bag to find not one, not two - not even three - but FOUR boxes of my favourite Milky-Bone biscuits, plus some delicious chewy sticks!  I squealed with delight.

I open and investigate my special delivery
 I had trouble containing my happiness and my partner said that I was allowed to open some of my present straight away!  Whilst I think of it, I must apologise on behalf of my partner for the slightly dubious quality of the pictures - I was so excited that I refused to stand still for long enough to be decently photographed.

I decide to commence with one of the chews - yum-yum!

The chews are supposed to be eaten at the rate of one per day.  But I had two, because I am Jasper and because I can, hehehe...

I then went to express to my partner my gratitude and pleasure in the thoughtful gift, but she was quick to declaim responsibility.  "Oh no, I didn't get this for you." she explained.  Who, then, could have made such a generous and considerate gesture?

As a very special treat, I am allowed to help myself to some biscuits

"Well, I'll give you a clue," said my partner, as I crunched my way through my first mouthful of delicious biscuity-goodness.  "They're from someone a long way away, far across a big ocean, who loves you very much. She - " [Ha! I thought to myself, I knew it would be from a lovely lady, hehehehe....!] " - she is actually in charge of a whole pack and family of friends, she is VERY pretty, and her name begins with a 'T'."

A 'T', eh?  Who do I know with a name that starts with a 'T'?  My partner's brother's name starts with a 'T'... but he is certainly not a pretty lady.  And he doesn't live far across a big ocean anymore.  I tried to think hard, but I couldn't concentrate on thinking AND eating my tasty biscuits at the same time.  Like males of most species, I am no multi-tasker.  Something had to give way for the moment...

I concentrate on savouring the taste of my presents

Hmmm... A pretty lady; in charge of a sizeable pack; clearly thoughtful and generous; a large ocean away; a name beginning with a 'T'...  This requires further thought...

What my (for now) mystery benefactress doesn't know is just how particularly welcome the arrival of her gift was on this day of all days.  For this morning, I received some potentially distressing and unsettling news from my surgeon.  Such a considerate and handsome gesture of a gift so thoughtfully-chosen as to provide me with the maximum-possible pleasure raised my flagging spirits (and those of my partner) to great heights - something I had, earlier this morning, believed to be impossible.  'Twas almost as if a Divine paw had intervened to ensure delivery of this treasured gift at the precise moment in which I was languishing at a terribly low ebb.

More of the less-happy news tomorrow.  For now, I continue so happy at my surprise present that I refuse to let ANYTHING spoil this most treasured of days.

A VERY good night.
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