Saturday, 11 September 2010

Saturday 11 September 2010

New York City

Washington D.C.

Shanksville, Pennsylvania

Rest in Peace.

I started this blog, back in August 2006, with grand designs and high hopes.  I wished to carve out my chosen career as a canine writer.  In terms of meeting and sharing with friends, I have realised those hopes.  Angie, Lance, The Secretary, Mads, Bailey, Keetha, (and Bridget - I know you're out there!) and all of you - YOU, who is now reading this, you have enriched my life.  But no-one in the media world, it seems, is interested in the idle chatter of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

But no-one can tell what may happen in the future.  Perhaps, some time after I am gone, someone will stumble across these old musings of mine and take the time to read what a long-dead dog had to bark for himself.  Should this happen - and someone, in years to come, has a look at what ol' Jasper had to bark for himself on 11 September 2010, I want - on this anniversary day in particular - to ask the following:

WHY?  Don't you realise what you humans are doing to yourselves?  And to the planet we all share?  It doesn't ONLY belong to humans, you know.

Whenever we see any form of human insanity: racism, bigotry, genocide, terrorism; be it the Nazi atrocities, the massacre of Tutsis in Rwanda; the evil perpetrated by American troops in My Lai (Vietnam), the 11 September USA and 7 July 2005 London attacks, or some nutter announcing a public burning of the Koran (inflammatory in more ways than one), the animal kingdom cries with one united voice: "Please STOP!  Can't you see what you are doing?"  Species matters not - cat, dog, rodent, bird, reptile, fish, mammal, marsupial - predator and prey cry out together: "No!"

Remembering all September 11 2001 victims today - human (2,996) and canine (1).  I have provided a link to the song written to honour the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93.  You may care to take a moment to follow the link and listen to the piece, in contemplation of their sacrifice.

Good afternoon.
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