Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Easter weekend Sunday was one of those rather lovely occasions, where nothing out of the normal routine was anticipated, but an unexpected suggestion of an excursion leads to a delightful day out.

My partner and I were engaged to dine with her parents, where my partner's brother and sister-in-law and their delightful children, Ewan and Carys, were staying for the weekend.  Ewan is always charming, and Carys continues to grow into an exceptional young lady - particularly fond of me, which indicates wise judgement.

I dined in fine style, finishing off the childrens' splendid roast beef dinners, in addition to the scraps originally intended for me.  I received an Easter egg made from "doggy chocolate" from Maisie, which my partner is carefully rationing (bah!).  Not only this, but, out of the blue, my partner's father proposed an excursion to the nearest seaside location, Lepe Country Park.  This proposal was met with joyful acceptance and we travelled in two vehicles to the sea front.

Utterly delightful.  We had a good walk, I took a swim or two, played with several dogs also enjoying a spring afternoon outdoors, and helped Ewan and my partner to build a sand-castle.  To top it all, I was presented with a large lamb bone on my return - a meaty bone so large, in fact, that even I was unable to finish it, having to reluctantly relinquish the bit that was too much for me to the waste-bin.

I take to the water for the first time this year.  Lovely.

After a super day trip and a hearty supper.

Can there be a more enjoyable thing in life than an impromptu day out?

Good night.
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