Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday 28 February 2010

Hurrah!  My recovery from a grumbling belly is complete.  This is my first night of peace and it is exquisite.

My partner forbade me from mentioning this before, as she did not wish to set hearts and minds a-flutter, but she really was incredibly worried for me.  As well as the pain, I was running a high temperature and was much distressed.  As mentioned before, a botty-gland evacuation brought relief to my little chocolate starfish and, subsequently, the rest of my well-toned body.  I slept very soundly last night, and long into this morning.  I failed to rise for at least ninety minutes after my partner had got up, but she judged it best that I be left to complete my sleep.  Following a quiet, gentle day, a good walk was enjoyed and my partner was overjoyed and most relieved, on our return, to find that my temperature was normal, the unwholesome gaseous emissions have ceased, and I have stopped my relentless agonised stumblings around the living-room.  My partner's joy and relief are great in their abundance.

Not only is this a day of comfort and relief from pain, but also the celebration of a very special event.

For today sees exactly one year since my partner and I moved to our tiny but lovely new house.  One entire year.  Didn't those twelve months go quickly?!

A brief assessment:-
Do we still have boxes to unpack?  Yes.
Have we decorated our bathroom with the pretty shells we collected on our last Welsh holiday? No - not yet.
Have we still work to do in our garden?  Yes.
Have we lampshades?  No.
Is the house as completed as we would wish?  No.

But be not deceived.  The most important question of all is: Are we happy?

And the answer is yes.  Yes.  Forever yes.  We have a house and garden, in a situation we love.  We are fortunate in our neighbours (apart from the guitar-playing, whingeing fool next door).  And - above all; indeed, above everything: we are together.  Jasper and ****** - together forever.  Life gets no better.

The past twelve months have been filled with pain, trauma, and - at times - despair.  And yet we are happy.  We are incredibly lucky; and rejoice in our settled little home together.  And your - yes, you, dear reader - support, whether silent or acknowledged, has played a big part in our happiness.  Here's to the next twelve months - we hope you will share them with us.

Tomorrow, I will post the next "Evolution of Jasper" instalment.  I intended to share it tonight, but 'tis now too late and I grow sleepy.  For the next episode chronicles an episode involving me and my good friends Kipper and Rex, which was to pass into the stuff of legend in the rescue home's dogs' block.

Oh yes.  For 'twas "The Night of the Isolated Bitches".  Happy memories... but not for all... hehehehe...

Thank you (yes - YOU) for your support over the past twelve months.

Good night.
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