Saturday, 27 February 2010

Saturday 27 February 2010

I have been afflicted with an unsettled belly since Wednesday, and passing gas of increasing toxicity, without control.  Yesterday evening, my partner decided that enough was enough.

This is where a certain Phillippines-based vet, secretary, and their furry family ( hove unwittingly into view.  I believed these good folk to be my friends; I may now have to reassess my views.

My partner recalled seeing a post on their otherwise excellent blog, which offered advice on how to "express a dog's anal sac" at home.  Re-reading the instructions on this traitorous blog-post, my partner then proceeded to grasp and then squeeze the appointed portions of my fire-escape and the botty-glands offered up their sweet nectar to the waiting absorbent paper-tissue.

I concede that I can date the commencement of my recovery to that point.  Although the recovery process is slow, I am already feeling much relieved, and less hesitant about evacuating my fragrant bowels.  However - this should not be taken as my endorsement of such methods.  Those who post instructions online for easily-led and gullible partners to read should examine their consciences.

Good night.
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