Monday, 30 November 2009

Monday 30 November 2009

I really am most inordinately annoyed.

I wasn't going to post a blog entry tonight, but I have been stung into it against my will.  For goodness' sake...

Now, I am fond of all of my neighbours - except the g*t next door, who "entertains" us with his electric guitar most evenings and whinges for all the rest of the time.  The first thing he ever said on beholding my partner as we moved in was "I don't like dogs."  In fact, he doesn't like dogs, cats, birds, small children, big children, women, etc... And he always deliberately parks his car across TWO spaces.  I digress.

To the point.  In between my returning home from work and my popping out a few moments ago to download a wee-mail, the house opposite has been decorated with.... CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!  NOOOOOO!!!!!  It's only November!  Argh!!!

Now then.  I will attempt to be reasonable.  The lady who lives in the house (with her children) has a boyfriend and I understand that he is a Muslim.  Therefore, perhaps they are celebrating the festival of Eid.

But methinks I am being generous.  They are Christmas lights and I know it.  Tinsel is present.

I haven't even opened the first door of my Advent calendar and already coloured lights are twinkling into my living room.   Grrrowl.

If the lights are joined by a ruddy-cheeked, illuminated, plastic Santa I will be left with no option but to "take steps".

Good night.
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