Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sunday 4 June 2017

#LondonBloodiedButUnbowed . Dear​ God; save us from ourselves 🙇 ...

As a nice, good (ummm... O.K., MOSTLY good dog...), I is getting bl😔😔dy sick of this.   Why do you humans need to be keep killing each other? Unless you are starving, or unless they are cats, there's no excuse.  NO EXCUSE.  So stop it.  Because, between the execrable Trump and all the other foul-minded "human" nutters, you will destroy me and us all.  What did we dogs and other animals ever did to you that was SO bad that you had to take us all down with you?

Mistress wouldn't like me to barks this, but I is GLAD that Jasper-Horatio Stafford didn't live to see these days.
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