Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Today marked the end of an era.  My partner passed her last day in the office in the yard where once Ewan, Fizzy and I ran and played.  Her job has changed and she has moved to a different location.

It was a sad break with many happy memories.  Not only were many happy hours passed there, with numerous japes and adventures (all to be found in earlier entries on this post), it was from that office that I began my final journey, with the fond wishes of colleagues and friends ringing in my tired ears.

It was ALSO the setting for the occasion when I espied a tiny, gimlet-eyed terrier puppy of great beauty and possessed of a saucy smile.  She was so tiny and young that she could not be let out of the van in which she sat as she had not had her first injections - so she remained a mere vision.

No longer.  Little did I imagine that she would one day be so instrumental in helping to dry my partners' tears.

My partner has promised Gisèle that they will return to the much-loved woodlands for walks.  My partner's parents will be caring for sweet 'Sèle during the days from now on, as she is not permitted to accompany my partner to her new office.  This, too, represents an unhappy breach; yet we must be thankful that my partner still has a job in these troubled times - and a job that will offer interesting challenges and oportunities.  Gisèle believes that she will have new interesting challenges and opportunities too.  She thinks that she will be able to easily hoodwink my partner's parents into giving in to her every wish.  I fear she will be swiftly undeceived.

I have much more to share with you on my partner's recent brush with death and hospital sojourn.  But the hour grows late and rest ought not to be delayed; tomorrow brings the start of a new era for my partner and little Gisèle...

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