Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday 10 May 2013

Grumble... I HATE these 'stop press'-type announcements; they almost always spell bad news.  And in this one in particular I don't see why I should have to be the one who barks about it; Gisèle (the villain of the piece) should have to do it.  But when I confronted her about it she squealed and ran away.  I couldn't find her - though I heard her whispering and giggling with Betty somewhere, in the airing-cupboard probably.  SO, once again, it falls to ME.   Grrrowl...

My partner has been (and still is) in MAJOR and extreme pain. Gisèle had a "difference of opinion" with Betty late on Thursday night, hours after everyone had gone to bed; my partner, fearing an episode of similar extremity to the previous 'affray', put herself in between the two dogs with the result that both went for her, each thinking they were going for the other. Betty managed to scratch my partner's right wrist bone whilst Giz distracted herself from biting her left hand and wrist long enough to assist Betty by severing my partner's right wrist artery. Arterial blood fountained forth everywhere, including over both dogs, but still they would not let go despite my partner's screams and pleadings.  Eventually, fangs were parted from bone and my partner's parents summoned.  Not long afterwards, my partner was taken to hospital.  The state of the house afterwards was appalling.  Splatter-stains on the walls and doors from the arterial blood (which actually pumps out in accordance with your heart rate when an artery is severed, apparently.  A little gross-but-interesting fact for you there), pillows, duvet and bed-linen soaked with my poor partner's plasma and haemoglobin, a bloody hand-print at the top of the stair bannister and more bloody prints all down the stair railing.  It looks like the horrific deeds of the Manson Family from the 1960s.

After much blood-loss and a hospital visit my partner's right arm (now mostly black and swollen like an elephant's leg) is useless and strapped into a sling - her left is slightly better off, being merely painful and in a variety of shades of purple. She has had injections and X-rays and all sorts.  Fortunately her wrist-bone was not snapped, just grazed, but my partner is unable to drive or do anything useful with her right hand and arm.  Watching her trying to dress and feed herself would be almost comical, were she not in so much pain.  She is to return to the doctor's tomorrow.

Elizabeth and Gisèle are both fine - they seem to find it hilarious to see my partner trussed up like a turkey. Little furry b*st*rds.  I have represented to them BOTH - in the strongest possible barks - my extreme displeasure in their wretched behaviour.  They appear apologetic but unbowed.  Their actions were utterly repugnant and I shall make sure they understand the full consequences of this.  They have gone too far this time.

Updates will be posted.

Yours ever,
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