Monday, 2 February 2009

Monday 2 February 2009

This morning, I opened my big, dewy brown eyes to a whole new world.

Never, in the history of my life, have I seen so much snow. So excessive was the snow (between two and three inches at breakfast-time) that my partner was unable to travel to work (in common with much of the rest of the country). As my partner's mother is nervous of the snow (following an accident that befell her when she was walking my three-year old partner and her infant brother to playgroup back in London), my partner and I volunteered to walk the mile or so to the shops to collect necessities. The route handily passes the entrance to the park. WHAT a coincidence...
Once released into the crisp, deep snow in the park, I was as a pup once more. I capered about in high glee, completely bewitched with this strange new playground. My partner had taken the camera, to record my joy for posterity. Witness:

It comes all the way up to my knees and is oh, so soft...

...doesn't taste too good though. (You can see my operation scar in this one. This is not good weather in which to have a shaved flank.)

The obligatory action shot.

Had enough now. Cold. Tired. Wet. Going home.
What a lovely day. And remember, reader, - NEVER eat yellow snow... heh heh heh...
Good night.
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