Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Well, it took all of five days for my new year to turn into a complete crock of sh*te. I think that may be something of a record.

I daresay you have noticed by now that this is NOT the promised "Review of 2008". The review is still under review. It will be with you shortly. But I grow sleepy, so I shall move straight to the point.

The other evening, whilst my sleeping form was being gently stroked by my dozing partner, something was detected amiss. My partner's dainty fingertips located a rather large, lumpy mass on my left flank. I was spirited off the the vets' last night and prodded by one of my surgeons.

Oh dear.

'Tis a large lump, nestling betwixt my lung and liver. The b*st*rd.

Although, I have to say that it does not hurt (apart from when I am being firmly prodded). But the upshot of the business is that I am to be ushered back to the vets' tomorrow morning for a needle biopsy, to be taken whilst I lie under sedation. I have to stay there ALL DAY and I have not been allowed any food since 9.00pm this evening.

My partner has said that I can have the good pillow tonight, which is very kind of her. I mean, I would have taken it anyway but it is reassuring to know that my appropriation of it has her blessing for once.

In one way, I am looking forward to the sleep. I have not slumbered too well of late. Since AOL closed the blogging facility and forced me to move to Blogger (still happy about that though), I have lost readers in vast swathes. I have dropped at least twenty places in the ratings and am sinking further. Is it me? Am I truly grown so irksome? I am barking to my partner about giving up the whole blogging business. She says I must take heart, though, and not despair. We very much love and appreciate the readers we DO have. And my partner says that, when I am feeling better, she will look at some new ways for me to advertise my blog - so I can turn my mind to this as I lie on the table tomorrow. Perhaps the sedative drugs may inspire me.

I am not afraid. But I am concerned in one respect. This will be the third time I have undergone a surgical procedure. Last time it was trivial, but on my first visit to the operating theatre I lost a couple of very dear friends of mine to the veterinary scalpel. I grieve for them still.

Good night.
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